“In the beginning…”

Genesis 1:1

Here we go! Welcome to the greatest beginning of my LIFE! That’s a pretty significant statement for me. I’ve had several AMAZING beginnings in my close to 4 decades of life but this past weekend ranks as one of my top all time special life moments. My wife and I were ordained and prayed over by Philip & Holly Wagner, two spiritual heroes in our lives. We are now stepping out in FAITH, and TRUSTING GOD in a way that we never have before. What is it about this beginning that makes it the greatest?


“…God created…”

still Genesis 1:1

Well, God definitely created this beginning in my life whether it was in my plans or not! There was a time in my life, not to long ago, where I swore I’d never become a church planter. Why would I put myself and my family (whom I adore) through such a journey? I’ve heard the stories, read the articles and even witnessed some of the challenges that come to those starting a church. I was quite comfortable with giving my all for last 15 years at an AMAZING church in LA. My wife and I were given the privilege of serving together on a church staff side by side. We were comfortable in our positions, LOVED the people we worked with and our provision was never in question. We witnessed countless people come to Christ and got to be part of something greater than ourselves. Why would anyone choose to give that up? Why would I choose to step away from safety and security and step into risk and uncertainty? God has a way of making his plans for your life known whether you agree with them or not. The choice for me came in how long I wanted to fight before He got his way. Good is no match for GREAT. Perhaps one might say the greater the risk, the bigger the purpose. I see it consistently throughout scripture.


  • Moses had to give up a good life in the palace to defend his people (Exodus).
  • Esther had to risk her good life as the queen and face the king in order to rescue her people from extinction (Esther).
  • Jesus laid down his life to endure the cross in order to carry out his father’s plan for saving the world (Matthew 27:32-56). The ultimate sacrificial act for God’s GREAT will to be done!


“…the Heaven’s and the Earth.”

The finale of Genesis 1:1

I just love this last part. It’s a reminder to me that God is God and I am not! All I can do is stand in awe of Him. He is the source of it all. This is especially important to me right now in this current season of my life. Who am I anyway? (A son of God) I can’t do this? (Through Him all things are possible) I can’t plant Redeemed Life Church unless He’s in this. (It is His house) I take comfort and great strength in knowing that He is! I’m not good enough, gifted enough, smart enough, resourceful enough or spiritual enough to make this happen. (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me) It is only by the power of the Holy Spirit that RLC will come to life. Well…thankfully I know it is the Holy Spirit that is leading me. I may not be sure of much, but I’m absolutely sure of that. The journey starts now. Let the fun BEGIN!