It was a Tuesday afternoon. I was sitting at home working on my computer when my daughter came into the room with eyes as big as saucers. “Daddy, there’s something wrong with the ceiling fan.” Ok…what’s wrong with the fan I asked? “We threw a pillow at it to see what it would do and now it’s making a funny noise.” Yup, sure enough it was wobbling out of control seemingly ready to crash to the floor with every rotation. I had a choice to make in this moment. I was upset and wanted to punish my kids for doing something reckless that ultimately resulted in damaging property. I also wanted to laugh because I know I did crazier things when I was their age in an effort to feed my curiosity and be creative. I simply asked, “What did happen to the pillow?” To which they answered, “It landed over there” and pointed to a corner in the room. “Was your experiment worth it” I asked. “Not all” they said. “We made a poor choice.” They agreed to never do it again and help with the cost of replacing the fan.   We left it at that. Then I went back to the room I was working in and laughed till I almost cried. Yup, those are my kids and there’s no denying it. They get their smarts from dear ole Dad.

Creativity and originality can be over-rated.

Now I consider myself to be a pretty creative guy. I’m an artist at heart. I first moved to LA straight out of college with big dreams. My dream, like thousands of other LA hopefuls was to make it BIG in the entertainment industry. I made it my mission to approach everything I did with a unique creative bent that would set me a part from the countless other men I was up against at auditions. I’ve recently realized that if I’m not careful I will approach serving God in the same way. The thought being that If I can just prove to God that I’m special or unique enough, I’ll get His attention and maybe he’ll bless the work I’m doing. This is backwards to me. My Bible say’s…

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. – Psalm 139:14

I don’t have to convince my creator how unique I am. I am His masterpiece. He knows every aspect of my being. My creativity will never surprise Him or even reveal something new to Him that perhaps he never considered before. Instead of asking Him to join me in my so-called brilliance, why not just join Him in His.

There is nothing more significant, marvelous, wonderful and pleasing to the soul than being at the heart of God’s activity.

I love this statement. I can’t take full credit for it. I’m currently reading a book entitled “Experiencing God” by Blackaby. This is where I was first introduced to this concept. It’s a book that has been around for several decades that a dear friend put in my hands earlier this year. As I’ve been combing through its pages I formed the above statement based on some principles that I discovered while reading this book. A value that I’ve adopted is a new understanding that instead of asking God for a new work to devote myself to, why not join Him in the work that He’s already doing.

This conviction liberates me!!! God’s not asking me for the next brilliant idea that will lead to revival. He is asking me to join Him in His work that will lead to devotion. I know that as I continue to devote myself to Him, I will continue to become more like Him. It’s in the knowing of Him that I can truly live out my full potential.   My heart is so full even at the thought of this. Man do I love my God.