“The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the Lord.”
– Proverbs 18:22

If I try and think about what my life would be like had I not met my wife, my bae, my boo… I instantly begin to feel my soul ache.  This is no exaggeration.  It would be like trying to live in a place completely absent of beauty.  She to me is inspiration with skin on.  She represents all that is precious and right. 

“Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.”
– Proverbs 4: 8 

The fact the she loves me with Christ-like unconditional love is a miracle in itself.  I have not been an easy man to love.  Those that know me are not shocked at all by this statement.  My wife has had to walk with me through my worst moments.  She’s seen me at the lowest, ugliest and most scary points of adulthood.  It’s often the person closest to you who sees the worst version of you.  My wife has not only seen me at my worst, but she’s chosen to stand with me in it.  How do you even begin to thank a person who does that?  I don’t know if you really can.  She is a treasure.  Can’t nobody tell me that God does not see me and love me.  My wife is proof beyond measure that I am God’s favorite.  The fact that he would adorn me with this great gift is more than I could EVER deserve. 

When I met Bonnie I was a lost, broken and insecure college kid, searching for significance through the approval of others.  I was on the fast track to destruction.  Covered in shame, guilt and self-condemnation I lived a shallow life where I hid my pain from the world.  Those around me saw an upbeat, outgoing achiever who was determined to make his mark in the world. I couldn’t reconcile within me that no matter the amount of personal accolades I received it was never enough to fill the empty void that kept growing.  I tried to fill that void with my own addictive behaviors and ways of living secretly hoping it would bring some relief to the unspoken pain.  I found myself trapped in a downward spiral to which I couldn’t escape.  Let’s be clear, Bonnie did not fly in to my rescue, Jesus did that. What she did do was that she refused to withdraw her love from me… even when I gave her plenty of reasons to.  Wow. 

It is no secret that I married up.  Way up!  Other people say they married up and sincerely think they did, but I REALLY married up.  This wife of mine is AMAZING.  She’s smart (speaks 4 languages…not that I’m bragging, but I am), strong (will put you in your place without flinching yet you feel like she did you a favor), kind (would give you her very last meal if you needed it), thoughtful (remembers the seemingly insignificant details that make you feel special), trustworthy (is the greatest person of integrity that I’ve ever met), confident (she unapologetically walks in the call that God has for her life), brave (stands up for those who are unable to stand for themselves), teachable (never acts as if she has it all figured out, always willing to learn), loyal (If you are blessed enough to call her friend, you got a friend for LIFE), full of forgiveness (doesn’t hold your faults or failures against you, never keeps score), fun (she exudes joy and carries it everywhere she goes, her laughter is contagious),  and pure LOVE.

Oh! and did I mention she’s SMOKING HOT? No lie… this woman has some how managed to look more beautiful today than the day when I first laid eyes on her, and she was gorgeous then.  It’s obvious that her beauty far exceeds her physical appearance.  Our triplets could not ask for a better mother.  They are SPOILED!!!  Can’t nobody mess with this woman’s babies.  She. Will. Cut. You.

I definitely found my treasure.  In her, I also found favor with God.  Together, we are on this crazy church planting adventure.  Even when it’s hard, it’s always blast with her.  She is my very best friend.  The undisputed LOVE OF MY LIFE! She is my world.  She is my treasure.  Somebody cue Bruno Mars.