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Pastor Anthony

ps. anthony powell


Pastor Anthony is the founding Pastor of Redeemed Life Church Azusa and is passionate about seeing lives transformed by the saving POWER of Jesus Christ!!! He is SOLD OUT for the local church, believing that there’s nothing like the Church when the Church is being the CHURCH!” After years in the entertainment industry as an actor he felt called into ministry and received his Masters Degree in Pastoral Studies from Azusa Pacific University. For thirteen years he served in a thriving ministry in Hollywood leading in Pastoral Care, Celebrate Recovery, Men’s Ministry and New Believers ministry. He then felt God calling him to step out of the boat and start the church that God had put in his heart many years ago. A church where everyone was welcome regardless of the mistakes and sins of their past! A church that would allow him to share his testimony freely and allow God to do His work through him as an example of a life REDEEMED! Pastor Anthony is committed to making church fun and has found a way to creatively intertwine his Entertainment experience into church!  He is currently finishing his Doctorate in Ministry degree and is a lover of his wife Pastor Bonnie as well as his Triplets; Lil’ Anthony, Alannah and Leilani. This brotha is also a cheese FANATIC! No seriously…a cheese platter ranks right up there with an all-inclusive cruise to Jamaica.  Well…sort of.  Aside from serving at RLC, Ps Anthony can be found teaching Hip Hop classes throughout LA and embarrassing his kids on Social Media.  Real Talk!


Pastor Bonnie

ps. bonnie x. powell


Pastor Bonnie was born and raised in East Los Angeles to hard-working immigrant parents who taught her to be passionate about EVERYTHING and go after all that God created her for! She preaches with an “Ain’t nobody got time for that” approach focusing on speaking the truth in love and bringing the bible to life! She’s been in vocational ministry for over 17 years and previously worked for non-profits in Skid Row and in the Hollywood legal entertainment sector.

She has a Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism from Chapman University, Bachelors in Business Law from UWLA and a Masters in Organizational Leadership in Ministry from Azusa Pacific University. She married her college sweetheart, Pastor Anthony, and had TRIPLETS somewhere along with way (it’s been a long life ya’ll)! She’s crazy passionate about encouraging people to live their best life for Jesus and she carries Tapatio hot sauce everywhere she goes! For real though!


Pastor Larry, Gifty, and Hendrix

ps. larry j. walker ii


With a heart and a voice as big as his home state of Texas, Pastor Larry James Walker II is a powerhouse inspirational artist and our anointed leader of RLC Worship & Creative Arts. Pastor Larry is passionate about authentic worship and true intimacy with our Father through music, media, and technology!

In addition to faithfully serving the RLC community, Pastor Larry is also a trusted kingdom worship leader and prophetic voice to the entertainment industry of Hollywood. He can be found all over LA and beyond, producing music, coaching, and mentoring a whole new generation of rising rockstars!

He and his beautiful wife Gifty are a dynamic duo of awesomeness and they are grateful that they get to serve the purposes of God right here in God’s chosen house, Redeemed Life Church!


Pastor Mark and Amanda

ps. mark fierro

Pastor Mark, a native of SoCal and diehard Dodger fan, is a redeemed man after God’s own heart. After stepping foot into RLC in 2016, he knew God had called him to something greater than himself. He hasn’t left RLC since!
He loves his wife Amanda and they dream of starting a family and traveling the world together.
He has a passion for helping men find sobriety and recovery through Jesus Christ.  His hobbies include reading the Bible, eating fish tacos, and Bitcoin.
You will never meet anyone else who smiles as much as this guy or says BOOM and PRAISE JESUS!

Pastor Julie and Walpa

ps. julie ahn


Pastor Julie is a pastor’s kid (P.K) but don’t judge her for it! She did journalism for a while but kept hearing the voice of the Lord calling her to serve kids and youth. Like a typical PK, Pastor Julie ignored His calling and tried to do her own thing. But like our typical Lord, His voice got louder. She went to seminary and loves teaching, mentoring, and seeing how young people can be TRANSFORMED and OPENED to the power of God’s love and grace.

She is married to Walpa D’Mark, an LA artist and professor and they have two kids, a sparkplug 6-year old named Parker and 5-month old Philip whose hair is still in the phase of standing straight up like he’s been electrocuted (It’s totally adorable in her eyes).

Pastor Julie is into Pazookie’s from B.J’s, spending the day smelling (and reading) books at Barnes and Nobles, finding the perfect pair of jeans and playing with filters on Instagram like, which Disney Princess Are You? She also wishes she came up with this quote that describes her whole approach to kids and youth ministry: “There is no such thing as a junior Holy Spirit. Kids come to Christ the same way adults do.”


Aaron Arteaga

aaron arteaga


Aaron was born, raised and redeemed in Azusa, CA. He began serving at Redeemed Life Church in 2019 as a way to give back for what God has done in his life.  After 6 months of serving as a photographer/videographer, God shifted plans and Aaron was given an opportunity to work as Pastor Anthony’s assistant–and he loves every single minute of it!

Aaron loves creating things: Photography/Videography inside and outside the church, Presentations, and Generating Ideas for the Marketing and Media Team at RLC.  He also enjoys everything that has to do with fitness, hiking, playing basketball, long distance running, spending time with his family, hanging out with his girlfriend Jennifer and building meaningful relationships. His passion is to lead people through his photography and videography to the adventurous story that God has designed for each of us . 


Mic and Emily Kingmic king


“The name’s King… Mic King…”

The ultimate calm in the storm of service production and logistics, Mic King keeps us covered. He brings a background in business and live production management to our RLC family, residing as our in-house tech expert and manager of our Marketing & Media efforts

While he may not have known an XLR from a DMX when he first started wrapping cables over 10 years ago, now he’s 007 certified — a swiss army knife of solutions with tools, gadgets, and the expertise to handle whatever tech-savvy mission we throw his way.

But he’s just as fast to talk all things technical with you as he is to talk about how lost his life would be without God’s grace, Celebrate Recovery, and the love of Redeemed Life Church. His passion has become not only to expand the kingdom through technology and creative pursuits, but to more importantly lead others into a life of freedom he himself has obtained through Celebrate Recovery.He and his wife Emily lead as our Ministry Leaders for Celebrate Recovery at RLC, and they remain passionate about leading others into a closer walk of freedom in Jesus through this ministry.

When he’s not putting in work for the Church, you can find him watching movies, writing music, at the range, or spending time with his wife and two children.